Hear The Magic, Hear The Roar, W Tito

Hi everyone, We have a special guest for this episode of the show, twitter.com/TitoTitoq85

My apologies about last week, this time i actually prepared some show notes. We wish Grace Jones a happy birthday. Vick apparently went to a Busta Rhymes listening party once and just now decided to share this story. I love Busta Rhymes, I believe I’ve expressed this multiple times.

In What Donnie Did, a new head of CIA is appointed, hopefully Judi Dench will play her in the movie adaptation.
House Dems pass Blue lives matter bill, Net neutrality is saved… for now

Jordan Peele news, he has a new nazi hunting series on Amazon. Does anyone in the world like Amazon’s interface?
A Thundercats reboot is announced and people are big mad. Y’all ain’t about this cat life.
We watched a few new trailers, Mile 22, BlacKKKlansmen and Sorry to bother you.
In Keanu Reeves news, Destination Wedding with Wynona Ryder trailer was released this week.
Thanks to everybody for sending Keanu Reeves news, It is always appreciated.
Feel free to let us know if you would like us to review a movie, or discuss a topic, or have your music featured. Thanks for listening as always.

Musical Guest Scott SK Miller, We saw this gentleman perform last month, and we bonded with him when we all discovered we had an affinity for Dip Set.

5 – 12 – 18 &top 5 worst sequels

We’re back with a new episode. Well it was actually recorded two days ago. I’m a little late, some times life gets complicated. Oh wait y’all aint come here for that this is the part where I describe what the episode is about.
I’m typing this in a dark room, afraid to move or turn on a light as there is a baby sleeping next to me. This is parenthood living in constant fear.

Musical guest-

Batman 1966

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage! We’re reviewing every DC comics film, in chronological order. This movie doesn’t have Bruce’s parents die! It just assumes we have a ton of basic bat knowledge. I wish today’s films could do the same.
Musical guest is James Cobb.

FOSTA, Kayne And Universal Scam Con

Hello everyone, welcome to #allpodcastsmatter, this was recorded 4/21/18. What a different time it was back then!
Guiliani is the newest member of the legion of doom
Betsy Devos doesn’t discriminate against discrimination
Starbucks tries
Daca in Arizona

Scam Con-

Star Wars has a Black woman as a 2nd unit director. Which is important because black women don’t exist in Star Wars.
Press tour for that movie with Jason Mamoa begens.
F Gary Gray is directing M.A.S.K.

Sorry for the haphazard notes, I’m cooking some Vietnamese ground pork in the kitchen right now.

Thanks again for listening.

Musical guest is KickFlamez


We watched Rampage, The best video game adaptation ever. Well not really. However it is big and dumb and we both had a good time.

Musical Guest – Esintrik- follow her here.



#Allpodcastsmatter was in attendance at Silicon Valley Comic Con on Saturday. It was not a good experience.
When we went to get our badges. We were told some one had picked up Vick’s already. An hour after mine in fact.
So you are supposing that some one from #Mostpodcastsmatter picked up his badge? That isn’t possible sir. Just admit there was a mistake and let us move on with our day.
He scanned my QR code several times, and still says it was picked up. He ponders briefly and decides to print another.
This is only a minor inconvenience in comparison to last years incident where  security stopped us, and didn’t believe we were press.
Once inside the con we attempted to attend a panel on Archer. The line was long of course as Archer has a large following. I inquired about seating for press. As per con decorum usually the front row is reserved. As to allow for pictures and recording devices. However no such arrangements had been made at this particular convention. The line attendant did assure me that if we  got in line now we  would be guaranteed  seat.  A few minutes later he counts off people in line and announces that people beyond this gentlemen cosplaying as Midoriya would not be getting in as the room capacity is 250 people. AAAAAARRRRG!
Well at this point we both considered the con to be a was a decided to go home. Considering the day a wash. This is the worst convention experience ever.
RIP Silicon Valley Comic Con, We shall never visit you again