WDD, Black PPG, No You Cant Say The N Word, Unless..

Hi Everyone, Welcome to #allpodcastsmatter . The podcast about politics, social issues, movies and Keanu Reeves.
In What Donnie Did, looks like Harriet won’t be on the 20 dollar bill. Jeff Sessions is giddy about ruining lives. The world might be ending. Which technically isn’t Donnie’s fault but he damn sure is not helping the case.
Michael Bennett was harassed and assaulted by police post Mayweather fisticuffs. He was running from gunshots as a normal human would do. When police stopped for for being large and black.
In entertainment news, there is a new black powerpuff girl. Suicide Squad finds a new director. Aladdin casts a white guy for no reason. South Park’s new video changes difficulty with shade of skin. Spike Lee and Jordan Peele are working together on a film about the Black man who successfully infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan.
This week’s top 5 is how white people can say the N word.

Musical Guest this week is Mega Ran, from his recently released album Extra Credit.
available here.

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Iron man 3 Review

Hey Y’all we reviewed Iron Man 3. This movie really wants to be an 80s action movie. Unfortunately it is actually in Iron man movie.

Musical Guest is Richie Branson.
i saw Richie perform at MAGwest last weekend he really tore it up, or tore it down. Isn’t it confusing how both of those mean good? English language you wild AF.

We review the last movie of the long summer season and it was pretty ok. This movie didn’t have enough of what we came to see, but when it did happen it was pretty great. Sam Jackson and Reynolds are great on screen together. For some reason the movie gives us over an hour of not that.

Musical guest Niah Lyrical. Song titled Numbar



Avengers Review

This week reviewed the best super hero team movie ever assembled. Go on name a better one, I dare you. I was surprised by how much I still enjoyed this movie.

Musical guest-

WDD, DCEU News, Top 5 MJ Videos

Hi everybobdy. Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. This week we rappity rap about politics, news and movies as per usual. Happy Birthday to Lexi Alexander.

In What Donnie Did aside from starring at the sun, he got into it with Mitchy MCConnell. We look into black Donnie supporter with an illustrious past.
Did 45 really spend up all that Secret Service budget already? Amy Schumer still says ignorant and wildly offensive things. Just like George Foreman.

In movie does DC has some explaining to do. Which movie is coming out when and why?

This week’s Top 5 is favorite Michael Jackson videos.

Foe Pound McGinnis is the musical guest
The album is available on his Bandcamp for purchase. Name your price.

Fire, Fury & Frankly Power, Top Things From 97

Welcome to #Allpocastsmatter. This week on the show we celebrate the anniversary of many things, Spawn the movie, and Generation DX. 1997 was so great it actually inspired the top 5.
In the usual What Donnie did, the orange one thanked Russia for the firing of several US staffers. He is more than ecstatic to threaten North Korea with nuclear war.
We also talk about the Charlottesville Rally? Hate meet up? White nationalist protest, terrible people with tiki torches.

In movie and TV news we talk about the revival of King of the HIll, Disney’s streaming service and how it will affect Netflix. We give an update on the Dredd TV series, and the next Terminator film. Can Joss Whedon save Justice League, short answer yes, long answer also yes.

Mac Mall is the musical guest Bay Area rap legend. Thanks for providing the music this week.
Go pick up his book My Opinion .


Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver excels in action yet stalls and sputters in the story.  Just to be transparent I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, all my jams. The visual flair, and cheekiness all of it. The opening action sequence is fantastic. I haven’t been impressed by a car action choreography in years. A round of applause for practical effects that isn’t reliant upon huge amounts of destruction and carnage. The first half of the film is has a visual style that is pretty amazing, and plays a little bit like a musical. Much of the narrative and action take place to the beat of the music playing in Baby’s ears. When he isn’t playing music we can hear a slight ringing just like Baby, which was cool early on later in the movie seems a little gimmicky. I am convinced this takes place in an alternate reality, where everyone is knowledgeable music and speaks in rhyme.
The whole cast I thought was really fantastic, not a weak link in the bunch. Ansel the lead has a young alright alright alrght vibe going for him, I can dig that.
Baby has a conversation with his deaf black adoptive father about getting out of the game. He sees a news report about people being injured in a heist. The movie only touches on the emotional wounds on a fairly young man forced into a life of crime and it is never really dealt with.
Also Baby’s Dad has no real development and gives sagely advice to Baby in time of need. Minor tier magical negro, but nothing approaching Will Smith’s Hancock levels.
I did find my self eye rolling and checking my pocket watch towards the end and I was tapping my wrap it up illuminated sign.
The titular characters real name is revealed in the last moments of the film. His name is Miles. Edgar Wright must be a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic has a two tailed fox sidekick by the name of tails, his real name is Miles Prower, making the zany pun of miles per hour.