The Last Episode Of The Year


In the last episode of the year bring the usual hotness, WDD, movie news and Top 5 things we envy about white folk.

Musical Guests are Scottie Royal and Precise Mc
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a very socially relevant episode title

Welcome to another episode of #Allpodcastsmatter. I hope you noticed how there wasn’t any music in the breaks. I’m trying something avant garde.

In the usual What Donnie Did we talk about how his trip to Asia, and spoke the recent shooting in Texas. Donnie doesn’t think this is a gun issue what so ever. A Florida school is putting bullet proof padding in Children’s backpacks.

The actor formerly known as Wallace now known as Michael B. Jordan is making an entry to the world of directing.
We find out why Mad Max is being delayed. Rian Johnson is directing a new Star Wars trilogy.

The top 5 this week is most anticipated movies of 2018.

Musical Guest
Rhyme Artist
Rhymeartist – Rebel-to-the-grain

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Justice League

We saw the newly released Justice League, and it was the well rendered garbage. Story was terrible, it looked terrible, characters were developed and it was not funny.

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Blue Collar Drug Rap

LiAngelo Ball and friends come on in, come to place where fun never ends, China! They get caught shoplifting and Donnie twitter fingers ensue. North Korea is declared a sponsor of terrorism. North Korea has racing jackets with Kellogs, Apple and terrorism on the sleeves.
Make America Great Again hats now come in Christmas, now you can celebrate hate and xenophobia with a seasonal flair. Our favorite card game, fuck so sorry Uno, , Cards against Humanity bought a piece of land to block Donnie’s planned wall. Cool Runnings gets a female led reboot, will Doug E. Doug return?
Elephants are great, remember Babar?

In television and movie news, a Multiple Man movie is announced. The tribulations and trials of Ben Afflecks’s Batman continue.
We saw some trailers and we have an oration about our favorite trailers released in the past week, Rampage, Incredibles 2, and Deadpool 2.

This week’s top 5 is best albums of the year.

Musical Guest – That Black Guy Tri4orce
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Amazing Spider-man 2

Hey Everybody we reviewed The Amazing Spider-man 2. The worst and longest entry in the spider film universe. It is unfortunate we will never find out what happened to Richard Parker. Or find out if Aunt May made it thru nursing school. Did Electro look like Dr. Manhattan to anyone else?

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