Thug Whales 2, Titans, & Top 5

Hi everyone, we’re back! Pardon the delay we attended Silicon Valley Comic Con last week. The Los Angeles riots were 25 years ago, and things remain for the most part exactly the same. It has been 1 year since we lost the purple one. In What Donnie did he finally agrees with most Americans that things were much better prior to him becoming the president. He signed an order wednesday stating he will be reviewing national monuments created in the past 21 years .
California made slight progress with prisoner reform, prisoners who receive degrees can reduce sentences. Finally in wacky animal news, we see the return of Thug Whales.

The chat this week is about recently released information about federal guidelines for poverty in the Bay Area. I hope you are sitting down these numbers may alarm you.

In tv & movie news George Miller has 2 more Mad Max films in the can, he can gladly take our monies. Unbreakable is getting a sequel. While we didn’t ask, this is great news for those that care.
DC announces their very own streaming digital streaming service, along with a new live action Teen Titans series. Nightwing will be leading, Beast Boy will be on the roster as well. Young Justice season 3 will also air on the network. Will DC’s network be added to your slew of services? We watched 2 trailers this week. 47 Meters Down and Kingsmen:The Golden Circle. Also 3 Fox Marvel movies will be released next year, Deadpool 2, New Mutants and a Dark Phoenix X-men film.
This week’s top 5 are musical acts we would like to see reunited. Despite the fact that these types of reunions is generally never the same, the magic is lost and everyone is disappointed.

Musical guest this week is Pokchop.

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