Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver excels in action yet stalls and sputters in the story.  Just to be transparent I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, all my jams. The visual flair, and cheekiness all of it. The opening action sequence is fantastic. I haven’t been impressed by a car action choreography in years. A round of applause for practical effects that isn’t reliant upon huge amounts of destruction and carnage. The first half of the film is has a visual style that is pretty amazing, and plays a little bit like a musical. Much of the narrative and action take place to the beat of the music playing in Baby’s ears. When he isn’t playing music we can hear a slight ringing just like Baby, which was cool early on later in the movie seems a little gimmicky. I am convinced this takes place in an alternate reality, where everyone is knowledgeable music and speaks in rhyme.
The whole cast I thought was really fantastic, not a weak link in the bunch. Ansel the lead has a young alright alright alrght vibe going for him, I can dig that.
Baby has a conversation with his deaf black adoptive father about getting out of the game. He sees a news report about people being injured in a heist. The movie only touches on the emotional wounds on a fairly young man forced into a life of crime and it is never really dealt with.
Also Baby’s Dad has no real development and gives sagely advice to Baby in time of need. Minor tier magical negro, but nothing approaching Will Smith’s Hancock levels.
I did find my self eye rolling and checking my pocket watch towards the end and I was tapping my wrap it up illuminated sign.
The titular characters real name is revealed in the last moments of the film. His name is Miles. Edgar Wright must be a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic has a two tailed fox sidekick by the name of tails, his real name is Miles Prower, making the zany pun of miles per hour.

Wizard World 2017


Wizard World Sacramento has come and gone. This con was really fun and easily one of my favorite of the year so far. It was the first time attending Wizard World so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. There was a great selection of vendors, high profile celebrities and chances for photo ops.

I loved the fact that drinks were sold on the floor at this con. This is a phenomenon I have never encountered in all my years of conning. Let me tell you something. I loved it. It changed the vibe to more of a party con, which is not a bad thing in my book. This first day we got the chance to take lots of photos and attended the after con karaoke event. Which was actually really fun. It was a small yet lively event, both Vick and I sang, Backstreet Boys and R. Kelly respectively.

Saturday had a great arrange of panels to attend. We saw James Gunn, talk about his career in the MCU and Girlmore Girls. Michael Rooker crashed his panel and said I’m Mary Poppins y’all. That moment made the con for me, everything else was just icing on the con cake. Directly after that Michael Rooker had a panel by himself. No moderator or anything. He called James Gunn while and stage and told a few stories. After that he jumped into the crowd and took questions. For more original questions he would delve into detail, but run of the mill stuff got a yes or no.  While eating at a food truck I was approached by some fellow podcasters from No Ordinary Nerd, we attended their panel about nerd culture and anxiety. We also had the pleasure of meeting many different cosplayers which culminated in a cosplay contest on saturday night.


FanimeCon 2017

Fanimecon 2017
Where: San Jose Convention Center
What is Fanimecon?
Convention started by a group of anime clubs in 1994 blossomed into so much more.
Facility is huge, beautiful , lots of rooms for panels, viewings and near by hotels participating.
This was my first fanimecon.
The game room was fantastic sporting games for literally every type of gamer. PC master race, dance, classic arcade shooters, board games and a giant jenga.
The viewing rooms were pretty amazing, I had never seen anything like this before. Screening movies, and various animes. I watched 200 lb beauty which actually looked like a fantastic movie, and reminded me again I should watch more foreign films. The sheer amount of panels was really quite impressive.
Nostalgia Critic’s panel  titled movies to fight people was pretty fantastic. The premise was simple. State your unpopular film opinion and have everyone fight you for it.  For example an opinion  I really identified with was a dislike of Blade Runner. The person who brought the opinion didn’t like the film because it wasn’t a faithful adaption. This Nostalgia Critic himself is quite the character. He gave a differently abled fan a lap dance. It was tasteful, but he still managed to break him off something fierce.
The other panel I attended was the Nerdcore Rap Cypher. In case you aren’t familiar with any of the terms I just used allow me to elaborate.  Nerdcore rap is the nerd equivalent of gangsta rap. It is REALLY nerdy.    Hosted by friend of the show DaRealwordsound, and Forcee the Kidd and a duo by the name of The Shogunate, they had a series of freestyles, a game called raps against humanity and even a crowd cypher that created a super star by the name of Second Thought. I’m a founding member of the thought hive.
This panel was truly something special. The energy was explosive, electric and even erotic (well that last part not so much)
  The energy level was pretty amazing .
I didn’t make it to any of the hentai viewings, Please don’t judge me, I was curious.
This is one of the best cons I have had the pleasure of attending. I highly recommend you take the time to make it next year.

Do The Comey, Black Lightning, & Top 5 White Musicians

Welcome back for another installment of #Allpodcastsmatter. Happy birthday to Malcolm X, RIP to Afeni Shakur.
In what Donnie did, Donnie, Donnie no one should terrorize the neighborhood, whoooooaaaa. Betsy Devos wants to repeal the loan forgiveness program for some government employees. Donnie leaked some information to Russia.
In this week’s fireside chat we discuss the trailer for Black Lightning and Lavar Ball.
In movie news Ice Cube confirms Last Friday. I hope this means people will stop making those fake posters for the movie. David Ayer is the latest director attached to the Scarface remake. Jordan Peele passed on making a live action Akira to make a new series called Love Craft Country.
The Flash movie may have found a director in Matt Vaughn. Sony announces that they signed Tom Hardy as Venom. We have mixed feelings about this.

This week’s top 5 is our favorite white musicians.

Musical guest this week is Seis the Element.


ACHA, Big Baller, Inhumans, & Top 5

Welcome to another installment of #Allpodcastmatter. This week on the show we confabulate on a plethora of topics. Donnie takes a trip to the Philippines, our sources say it isn’t lumpia related.
Mark Green, senator from Tennessee , pulls out from the running for Secretary of the army, post making ignorant remarks about transgender people.
Raul Labrador states that no one dies from not having healthcare, this is coming on the heels of the repeal of the American Health Care Act. Due to various pre existing conditions many millions of Americans would no longer qualify including, both people on this show.
The Officer who shot Jordan Edwards has been arrested and charged with murder. Samantha Bee’s husband says he’s not racist but wants to segregate schools.
Kendall Jenner continues her streak of being not awesome.
We also talk about Big Baller Brand shoes.

This week’s fireside chat is Budden vs Lil Yachty.

In movie news Batfleck begins his training regimen, Aquaman starts filming. Kevin Feige confirms MCU and Netflix will indeed crossover. We saw some jawesome trailers Defenders and The Dark Tower.

This week’s top 5 is song titles from Chris Brown’s 40 track album.

Musical guest is Maverick Da Ronin. Find links to him here.


Thug Whales 2, Titans, & Top 5

Hi everyone, we’re back! Pardon the delay we attended Silicon Valley Comic Con last week. The Los Angeles riots were 25 years ago, and things remain for the most part exactly the same. It has been 1 year since we lost the purple one. In What Donnie did he finally agrees with most Americans that things were much better prior to him becoming the president. He signed an order wednesday stating he will be reviewing national monuments created in the past 21 years .
California made slight progress with prisoner reform, prisoners who receive degrees can reduce sentences. Finally in wacky animal news, we see the return of Thug Whales.

The chat this week is about recently released information about federal guidelines for poverty in the Bay Area. I hope you are sitting down these numbers may alarm you.

In tv & movie news George Miller has 2 more Mad Max films in the can, he can gladly take our monies. Unbreakable is getting a sequel. While we didn’t ask, this is great news for those that care.
DC announces their very own streaming digital streaming service, along with a new live action Teen Titans series. Nightwing will be leading, Beast Boy will be on the roster as well. Young Justice season 3 will also air on the network. Will DC’s network be added to your slew of services? We watched 2 trailers this week. 47 Meters Down and Kingsmen:The Golden Circle. Also 3 Fox Marvel movies will be released next year, Deadpool 2, New Mutants and a Dark Phoenix X-men film.
This week’s top 5 are musical acts we would like to see reunited. Despite the fact that these types of reunions is generally never the same, the magic is lost and everyone is disappointed.

Musical guest this week is Pokchop.