In our most anticipated review ever we review a Spider-man less Venom film. One of us hated it, the other loved it.

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Z Nation Panel @ San Deigo Comic Con

Hey everyone, We went to San Diego Comic Con. Whilst there we recorded this panel promoting season 5 of the hit show Z nation.
This was a really fun panel to watch and I hope y’all enjoy.

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Deep Blue Sea 2

As big fans of the Shark horror sub genre we had to review Deep Blue Sea 2. Come have a laugh with us as we review this quality film. If you are hoping for humans injecting shark heroin, and a horde of murderous baby sharks you are in luck.

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We’re Back Kathy Griffin And Gargoyles Top 5 Films From 2008

Happy Father’s Day

What Donnie Did! Tabitha Duncan, Kathy Griffin all that stuff it is all here.
Jordan Peele wants to do a Gargoyles movie? That sounds fantastic. Wonder Woman 2 looks underwhelming. Aquaman promo is finally gearing up. MTV dug thru the trash and is making a live action reboot of Aeon Flux. Halloween sequel looks doooooope.
Keanu Reeves news is here too!
Grab some kettle corn and enjoy the show.

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Shubzilla & Bill Beats -Boomers Vol 2