FanimeCon 2017

Fanimecon 2017
Where: San Jose Convention Center
What is Fanimecon?
Convention started by a group of anime clubs in 1994 blossomed into so much more.
Facility is huge, beautiful , lots of rooms for panels, viewings and near by hotels participating.
This was my first fanimecon.
The game room was fantastic sporting games for literally every type of gamer. PC master race, dance, classic arcade shooters, board games and a giant jenga.
The viewing rooms were pretty amazing, I had never seen anything like this before. Screening movies, and various animes. I watched 200 lb beauty which actually looked like a fantastic movie, and reminded me again I should watch more foreign films. The sheer amount of panels was really quite impressive.
Nostalgia Critic’s panel  titled movies to fight people was pretty fantastic. The premise was simple. State your unpopular film opinion and have everyone fight you for it.  For example an opinion  I really identified with was a dislike of Blade Runner. The person who brought the opinion didn’t like the film because it wasn’t a faithful adaption. This Nostalgia Critic himself is quite the character. He gave a differently abled fan a lap dance. It was tasteful, but he still managed to break him off something fierce.
The other panel I attended was the Nerdcore Rap Cypher. In case you aren’t familiar with any of the terms I just used allow me to elaborate.  Nerdcore rap is the nerd equivalent of gangsta rap. It is REALLY nerdy.    Hosted by friend of the show DaRealwordsound, and Forcee the Kidd and a duo by the name of The Shogunate, they had a series of freestyles, a game called raps against humanity and even a crowd cypher that created a super star by the name of Second Thought. I’m a founding member of the thought hive.
This panel was truly something special. The energy was explosive, electric and even erotic (well that last part not so much)
  The energy level was pretty amazing .
I didn’t make it to any of the hentai viewings, Please don’t judge me, I was curious.
This is one of the best cons I have had the pleasure of attending. I highly recommend you take the time to make it next year.

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