70 Million Twiitter Bots VS Donnie, Top 5 National Anthem Replacements

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Happy Birthday to beloved Mac Dre and Aaliyah.
What Donnie Did! He claimed to denuclearized North Korea. Despite their nuclear programs still being on and poppin. Twitter deleted 70 million bot profiles. Donnie asks for them to delete more, whom may surprise you!
Scott Pruit gets fired, Betsy Devos erodes student protections like a urinal cake. A black woman climbs the statue of liberty in protest of recent deportations.

In movie news, Scarlett Johanson acts a damn fool. We get an update on X-Men film Dark Phoenix.

Top 5 this week are songs that could replace the national anthem.

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Uncle Drew

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WDD, Tim Scott, RIP Jeffrey, Morbius And Top Missy Elliot Songs

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On this week’s episode we’ve got What Donnie Did, Maxine Waters callin’ out names, Bobby Bonilla day, Rip Geoffrey, RIp Lady Sif, Jared Leto continues to give us thinks we don’t want, Dr Strange 2 announced, DC streaming service offers more details and Invincible gets an animated movie.

This week’s top 5 is Missy Elliot jawns.




Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

We saw Jurassic Park 5. I’m confident in saying this episode is better than the movie itself. We took a dinosaur sized bullet in watching this for you guys. Spoiler alerts abound.

Musical Guest- Nick Aiello


We’re Back Kathy Griffin And Gargoyles Top 5 Films From 2008

Happy Father’s Day

What Donnie Did! Tabitha Duncan, Kathy Griffin all that stuff it is all here.
Jordan Peele wants to do a Gargoyles movie? That sounds fantastic. Wonder Woman 2 looks underwhelming. Aquaman promo is finally gearing up. MTV dug thru the trash and is making a live action reboot of Aeon Flux. Halloween sequel looks doooooope.
Keanu Reeves news is here too!
Grab some kettle corn and enjoy the show.

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Shubzilla & Bill Beats -Boomers Vol 2

Hear The Magic, Hear The Roar, W Tito

Hi everyone, We have a special guest for this episode of the show, twitter.com/TitoTitoq85

My apologies about last week, this time i actually prepared some show notes. We wish Grace Jones a happy birthday. Vick apparently went to a Busta Rhymes listening party once and just now decided to share this story. I love Busta Rhymes, I believe I’ve expressed this multiple times.

In What Donnie Did, a new head of CIA is appointed, hopefully Judi Dench will play her in the movie adaptation.
House Dems pass Blue lives matter bill, Net neutrality is saved… for now

Jordan Peele news, he has a new nazi hunting series on Amazon. Does anyone in the world like Amazon’s interface?
A Thundercats reboot is announced and people are big mad. Y’all ain’t about this cat life.
We watched a few new trailers, Mile 22, BlacKKKlansmen and Sorry to bother you.
In Keanu Reeves news, Destination Wedding with Wynona Ryder trailer was released this week.
Thanks to everybody for sending Keanu Reeves news, It is always appreciated.
Feel free to let us know if you would like us to review a movie, or discuss a topic, or have your music featured. Thanks for listening as always.

Musical Guest Scott SK Miller, We saw this gentleman perform last month, and we bonded with him when we all discovered we had an affinity for Dip Set.

5 – 12 – 18 &top 5 worst sequels

We’re back with a new episode. Well it was actually recorded two days ago. I’m a little late, some times life gets complicated. Oh wait y’all aint come here for that this is the part where I describe what the episode is about.
I’m typing this in a dark room, afraid to move or turn on a light as there is a baby sleeping next to me. This is parenthood living in constant fear.

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