Pokemon:The First Movie Review

I recently watched the first Pokémon for the very first time, nearly 20 years after its release it was still impressive. I played the games and watched the original series growing up and I bought my toddler son a few Poke items as well. This time had come to indoctrinate him with the Pokémon franchise.  The film begins like many of my favorites do, with the origin story of the villain.    

   This is as tragic as it gets. A married couple loses their daughter. The husband is a soon to be mad scientist refuses to give her up and attempts to clone her. His wife leaves him because she can’t bear going thru this ordeal over and over again.  

    Oh and cloning seems to be a passion project for this scientist because he also wants to create the world’s most powerful Pokémon, making a clone and the rare and recluse Mew.

   Plans worked all too well as Mewtwo grew in a test tube for years, awake only in his consciousness. The other clones lived in a self contained universe with him but only he survived.  He saw them die many times as his hatred for humanity grew. When Mewtwo awakens he is of course vengeful and learns his existence was a mere experiment and destroys the lab and everyone in it.

   Mewtwo begins his life with an existential crisis, this is heavy stuff for a movie about pocket monsters, which is also a chapter in my memoirs during puberty.

     After a gripping introduction by our antagonist, we finally see our old familiar faces Ash and friends. The movie has some other messages like the futility of war. Which is strange coming from a show based solely on fighting animals for personal gain and clout.

    Do I still need to post spoiler alerts for a movie nearly 20 years old? We as a society need to set decorum for proper spoiler time. When Ash died I truly felt Pikachu’s pain.

   The movie was successful at indoctrinated my child with the love of pocket monsters, and mine was reestablished.


Gitmo Is Litmo, Rush Hour4, Top 5

Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter, the show about politics, social issues, pop culture and Keanu Reeves, This week in What Donnie Did, Donnie and his team of evil troglodytes erode civil rights faster than Sonic the hedgehog in Green Hills Zone. The FBI may be after us as they have labeled Black Identity Extremists to be a national threat to public safety. See you in Gitmo.

Is this 2017? Jackie Chan says he is on board for Rush Hour 4, are you? Michael B. Jordan is executive producing a series on Netflix Surviving Dion. Fast 9 is delayed a year, Tyrese is saltier than Angelina Jolie in 2010. We also talk about the trailers for Pacific Rim and Justice League.

This week’s Top 5 is favorite things about Halloween.
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Hellboy 2:The Golden Army

Hi everyone, this completes our recap of the Hellboy duo-logy. Our hearts are broken that GDT never got to finish this intended trilogy.
Ronnie Pearls is back as our favorite red monkey, Come watch him punch people in the face.

Musical Guest-A.O. Lyrical

NFL Sons Of B**** , BLM Bieber, Top 5 Move Pitches

This week in What Donnie Did, well what didn’t he do? At a racist pep rally he called kneeling protesters sons of bitches. He angrily yelled at John McCain, and referred to Kim Jong as Rocketman.
Justin Beiber finds the lord and wokeness, Jay-z continues to be a businessman but not for the NFL.

In movie news JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars, Paramount is mad, we’re mad, everyone is mad. Matt Vaugh wants to make a new Fantastic Four film. Finn Jones is training for Iron Fist. New Punisher trailer looks amazing, except for the dated music. Linda Hams returns for the new installment of Terminator.

Musical guest is Rhyme Artist.


Hellboy Review

Hey Everyone we reviewed Hellboy. Surprise we both loved it. Aged like the finest of cheeses and Angela Basset combined. Ronnie Pearls amazing and every reminds us that he hates Donald Trump.

Musical guest this episode is Watzreal.

DACA Returns, Jemele Hill, Top 5 MCU Villains

Hi everyone,
Welcome to this week’s show. Donnie is willing to make a deal DACA, but don’t worry he says the wall is still coming. Jemele Hill calls Donnie a white supremacist and the world exploded. Teddy Cruz likes a tweet or does he?
Snow Leopards are removed from the endangered species list.

Hellboy reboot is shaping up to be amazing. It avoided being whitewashed, hooray! Justice League is rumored to have 2 green lanterns. We hope to horus that one of them is not Tyrese.
John Wick 3 release date was announced.

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Thor Dark World Review

We reviewed the worst movie in the MCU Thor the Dark World. Follow us on a journey of fake science and realizing that Loki actually isn’t that great a villain.

Musical guest is friend of the show. Seis the Element.



Trickle Down Donnie, Venom & Top 5 Halloween Songs

Hey everybody, we’re back with our news episode of the week. Donnie reveals a new tax plan that will get your red American blood pumping. Puerto Rico is surely in need of help post Maria, and luckily many people have banded together to help, Donnie not included.
Adam Silver quickly backtracks on players kneeling during the national anthem, when just a few days ago he said he would support players.
The Venom film is the best cast worst film ever, as Michelle Williams joins the cast. No, the other Michelle Williams. Yeah i had to google her too, but she is in some good movies.
In old ass movies being resurrected new, Die Hard 6, Terminator 6 and new Men in Black movie news happened this week.
This week’s top 5 is Halloween songs.