My movie universe is better than yours

Entertainment and how we consume it has always been endlessly interesting to me. Do you simply watch and take it in? Do you have to share your thoughts with people? When it comes to social media even the most trivial things can become hot button issues. I’ve always wondered why people needed to feel or have a certain loyalty to a brand. Let’s take the DC and Marvel movie universes for instance. This is a topic I actually try to avoid online because the toxicity and nonsense you attract is astounding. It’s very easy to say we should all just enjoy what you choose to and leave it alone but I understand the need to share and compare. Still, I have to wonder what someone thinks their accomplishing by speaking condescendingly or rudely to someone who feels differently than they do. Objectively, I’d say Marvel’s movies are better. Only because DC seems to have been fumbling all this time and trying to find its identity. Do they want to be serious? Do they want to be funny? A little of both? To be fair, I’ve had my criticisms of Marvel as well. They get by on personalities. I feel the villains in most of these movies in particular have been disappointing. The thing is, that’s how I’ve always consumed entertainment though. I don’t have any particularly loyalties or tastes I want to see everything. To be quite honest with you I love this time in the movies wherever you look there’s another superhero film coming out. I would have loved to have this as a child. Its a bit sad but like I said I often won’t talk about certain things because the well actuallys and the contrarians come out in droves. This a beautifully rich and fun time for those of us who enjoy comics, superheroes and the like. I just wish we didn’t have to navigate through toxic fandoms to discuss what we’ve come to love so much.

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Tiny Bats, Donnie Yen Vs Teen Titans & top 5 appropriators

Welcome to another episode. We truly appreciate you reading this, and presumably then listening to the episode. It’s Keane’s birthday. In celebratory fashion vodka was consumed. In this episode we churn the butter about What Donnie Did, why we continue to hate Starbucks, and how mini bats will save students.

In TV and movie news, the actor who previously played Robbie Reyes will be the new Terminator. Teen Titans photos were leaked, and the reception was not the best. Jumanji 3, and Atomic Blonde sequels are announced. In Keanu Reeves news, Keanu is still fantastic.

This weeks top 5 is top 5 cultural appropriators.

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March for Mike

Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. In this episode we talk about Ben Carson, Killer Mike’s appearance on NRAtv, Betsy Devos and Donnie’s unappreciation for after school programs.
For the first time in many a fort night we talk about the NFL.
In movie news we talk about the Superfly reboot, Venom, Deadpool 2 and Black Panther.

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Pacific Rim Uprising

Hey everybody, we’re reviewing Pacific Rim 2. I mean Uprising, because it is against the law for sequels to use numbers in Trump’s America.

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Weekend At Donnie’s

Donnie has had a busy week, from Stormy Daniels to Space Force sometimes we can’t believe this is real life. OJ Simpson lets us further know that he is not black he is OJ. James Schwab was the former spokesperson to for San Francisco’s ICE department, stepped down because he did not want to feel comfortable lying to the public.
RIP to Craig Mack and Stephen Hawking.

In movie news, Lil Yachty and Nicolas Cage are Green Lantern and Superman respectively in Teen Titans GO! Batman is rumored to start filming in 2019. Ava Duvernay will be directing a New Gods film for DC.

Musical Guest is NyteXing.

Music from this episode is from his new project side missions. Like is below.

Donnie Gets His Parade, Inclusion Riders, & Top 5 1998

I hope this episode finds you in good health. Welcome to #Allpodcastmatter. Listener discretion is advised.
In What Donnie did, Hope Hicks announces she is leaving her position at the white house, and Donnie will indeed get his parade.
Florida in general lost their damn minds last week. Martin Skereli, the man with the most punchable face in the world gets sent to prison.
Smash Bros is coming to the Switch. Does anyone remember that Will Smith song by the same name? no? it’s ok.

In movie news Michael B. Jordan announces all of his projects produced by his company will include an inclusion rider.

This week’s top 5 is films from 1998.

Musical Guest-Kelechi