DARE Returns, RIP Shia, Where Is Aladin?

Hi everybody! Thanks for coming back, or listening for the first time. This week on What Donnie did, Jeff Sessions wants the antiquated D.A.R.E. program to return, and some other zany political shenanigans.

Shia Labeouf was arrested and had a plethora of unpleasant things to things to say. Spoiler alert, they were super racist.

In movie news Disney is having some trouble with Aladdin and John Oliver is in The Lion King.

Musical Guest Rhyme Artist

Devos Nooo, No Spawn Ever, Top 5 Siblings

On this news episode of #Allpodcastsmatter we have a hilarious new photo, because groupon is magic. In What Donnie Did, patent pending, Betsy DeVos is getting sued by everybody. Donny must be a fan of Drake because at the G20 summit he had no friends. He also met Putin and the talked about how nothing sinister has happened betwixt them ever.

In regular news Paul Ryan says town hall meetings are too hard, and won’t be doing them any more because he doesn’t like people yelling at him. Also in groupon news, Vick found a “deal” on a Blue lives matter comedy tour. Can conservatives be funny?

In movie news Todd McFarlane gives us an update on the Spawn movie. Spoiler alert, we’re never gonna get never gonna get it, never gonna get whoo whoo whoo. Batman is getting a new animated jawn. We will see the long awaited return off Nick Fury in the Captain Marvel film. Keanu Reeves has a mini series coming out this year where in he plays a different type of assassin. We’re okay with that.

This week’s top 5 is top 5 siblings,



5th Element Review

Hey everybody. Usually these are really detailed but I’m running late for work. Enjoy. We really like this movie! And, this review is witty and informative. Stay cool like y’alll be cool.



Hi everybody, Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. This episode we are reviewing Thor from 2011. A walk down memory lane in the early years of the MCU. Anthony Hopkins is great in this. Loki really acts his horns off too. Also which Hollywood Chris is your favorite?

Musical Guest- MaverickDaRoninn

Iron Man 2 Review

Hi everyone,
Remember that disclaimer from the last episode? well this episode was recorded that same day. So our sincerest apologies. We recorded after this and everything is all good now, we promise.

Iron Man 2, the third entry in the MCU. Tony is back and he has a mustache twirling vokda drinking nemesis, and a contemporary rival in Justin Hammer. Sam Rockwell really deserves better in Hollywood.
This movie did actually age well, still entertaining. It was interesting to watch this the week that the fan theory confirmed a young Peter Parker had a cameo in this film, word up!



Wizard World 2017


Wizard World Sacramento has come and gone. This con was really fun and easily one of my favorite of the year so far. It was the first time attending Wizard World so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. There was a great selection of vendors, high profile celebrities and chances for photo ops.

I loved the fact that drinks were sold on the floor at this con. This is a phenomenon I have never encountered in all my years of conning. Let me tell you something. I loved it. It changed the vibe to more of a party con, which is not a bad thing in my book. This first day we got the chance to take lots of photos and attended the after con karaoke event. Which was actually really fun. It was a small yet lively event, both Vick and I sang, Backstreet Boys and R. Kelly respectively.

Saturday had a great arrange of panels to attend. We saw James Gunn, talk about his career in the MCU and Girlmore Girls. Michael Rooker crashed his panel and said I’m Mary Poppins y’all. That moment made the con for me, everything else was just icing on the con cake. Directly after that Michael Rooker had a panel by himself. No moderator or anything. He called James Gunn while and stage and told a few stories. After that he jumped into the crowd and took questions. For more original questions he would delve into detail, but run of the mill stuff got a yes or no.  While eating at a food truck I was approached by some fellow podcasters from No Ordinary Nerd, we attended their panel about nerd culture and anxiety. We also had the pleasure of meeting many different cosplayers which culminated in a cosplay contest on saturday night.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

On our journey through every single Marvel film we review X-men Origins:Wolverine. You probably feel the same as we do about this movie, so have a seat or fold some laundry and have a good time with us talking about it.

Musical Guest Shubzilla

RIP Batman, Comey, Ice Cube, Tom Hardy Is Jafar

Happy Anniversary to Reading Rainbow, which turns 34. Predator turns 30. Rest in peace to Adam West, the first Batman. We’re doing the Battuci for you. In What Donnie Did, We of course talk about Comey’s testimony. Jeff Sessions is eyeing the door, considering quitting. Donnie also goes after immigrants who were given reprieves by Obama.
Barnes & Noble is back and they are selling dranks. Yo, it is about to be a lituation at the book store.
Welcome Bank Hank Williams Jr.! Are you ready for racism?! If you are unfamiliar with that name he is a country singer who is also known for singing the NFL’s Monday Night Football theme. He was fired six years ago for making inflammatory remarks about Obama.
Ice Cube goes in on Bill Maher about his use of the N word.

The Fireside Chat is how to handle trolls on the internet.

Tom Hardy for some reason is being sought after for the role of Jafar in the live action Aladdin remake. James Gunn is going to running the MCU post Infinity War. Power Rangers was the sleeper best movie of the summer, but didn’t have a great theatrical run. We’re still crossing our fingers for a sequel announcement.
We talk about a few trailers, Baby Driver and of course the highly anticipated teaser trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther. We both shed tears of joy.

This week’s top 5 is filling some of the vacant positions in Donnie’ cabinet.

Featured Musical guest is DaRealWordSound. Find his project here.