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Welcome back to the show thanks for listening. In “What Donnie Did” Nancy still adamantly tells Donnie no funding for your wall. A White House schedule leaked and reportedly 60 percent of Donnie’s time is unscheduled.

Cory Booker announced his presidential bid, and was recently asked , Is Donald Trump a racist? He dodged the question.

In entertainment news Pixar announced a short starring a Filipino American family. Glass is still number 1 at the box office. The Batman sets a release date for 2021, and will not star Ben Affleck, Hobbs and Show, gets its first trailer and looks awful.

Top 5 this week is our most anticipated films of the year.

Musical guest this week is lofi and vibe inducing Lucas.


We’re taking our first trip to Shymalan town on the show with our review of Glass. This sure was a movie. It definitely has actors that we like and sometimes they say nonsensical words, repeatedly about comic books. Take a shot every time someone says super hero.

Musical GuestNyteXing, Kadesh Flow, A.O. Lyrical, and Omega Sparx & Swats of GameBreax.
Otaku-gang – The-gentleman-vs-the-buffalo

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So as avid Keanu fans we had to see this movie. Look, we know it may look bad, but come along on this ride with us anyway.

Musical Guest Adolf Jyn