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In Donnie did, Donnie declares dope ads will decrease opiate usage. A man, who became the hero we all needed, on the last day of his job briefly stopped Donnie’s twitter fingers for 11 minutes. We were all better for it. Donnie’s wacky administration after seeing box office disaster Geostorm with Gerard Butler, said this week that climate change was real. Gerard can do anything.
Papa John’s is and continues to be our least favorite pizza chain after wanting NFL players to end their protest because there seems to be a correlation betwixt protest and slumping pizza sales.
Mila Kunis is trolling for good, by donating to Planned Parenthood but giving credit to Mike Pence. He receives a thank you letter in the mail monthly.

In movie, and television news a new TMNT animated series is in the works and it looks a little bit different. April is black like in the original comics, and Raphael is the leader. Tyrese may not be in Fast 9. Lion King cast looks… lionlicious?
Lord of the rings our favorite laundry folding movie may be getting a tv series, sure why not?
Lawrence Fishburne is Bill Foster in Ant-man 2, An-Tony’s Revenge, but he also announced a secret Marvel project, is Keanu in it?
Venom set pics are out, and it is definitely a movie that is happening.

This week’ top 5 is movies from 2007.

Musical guest is Da Rap Nerd, from a project called Passing Notes Vol 1.

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Thor Ragnarok Review

Hi everybody, we’re back and we saw Thor:Ragnarok. One of us loved it, one thought it was ok. The answers may surprise you. Was it just me or was this version of Asgard more colorful than previous versions?

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Gamer Gad is the Musical Guest



Winter Solider Recap and Review

We are almost done with our journey through the MCU, it has been great thus far. This is one of our favorite entries in the universe, Captain America: The Winter Solider.

Musical Guest is Watzreal.
You can watch the recently released music video from his album The Human Experience here

Eroding Your Civil Rights And APM’s Power Rangers

We attended the first AfroCon in Emeryville, CA and it was amazing. It is Oakland adjacent if you are not familiar. In What Donnie Did, him and his evil cabinet continue to erode civil rights.
I apologize y’all, I’m coming down with something and I’m about to pas out so the show notes aren’t as witty and detailed as they usually are.

Musical guest is Rhyme Artist.
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Castlevania Crunchy Roll Expo 2017

Hey everyone, we went to Crunchyroll Expo this year and brought back this panel. Some of the Super dope people behind the Castlevania series spoke about the creative process behind bringing it to Netflix.

Musical Guest is a collaborative effort betwixt Mega Ran and Richie Branson from their Ghouls ‘n Ghosts EP.
Purchase it here.

Edited by Victor Goodwin

Written and recorded by Keane Roberson

1st Annual AfroComicCon

We both attended the first annual AfroComicCon, and it was the greatest. AfroCon took place in Emeryville, California, it’s Oakland adjacent. This is a convention presented by BLAM, Black, Latino, Asian Manifested. Designed to be inclusive, and provide representation to those in the creative community that can sometimes be over looked. We picked up some new comic books; Victory Children, Indigo Clan and A.R.K. The Panel we attended was an amalgam of two panels, people of color in entertainment and black creatives in comics. The were from many different fields of work from stuntment, to comic book writers.

After the convention the was a pretty smashing after party DJ’d by dope emcee DaRapNerd. Including a fashion show and comedy set.

It was such an experience being a part of the first of this wonderful event. We both attended so many conventions this year, it was good to attend one where quite a large amount of the vendors and attendees have similar hair texture.

Photo Credit Victor Goodwin

Written by Keane Roberson

WDD, Em’s Freestyle, Last Jedi & Top 5 Fears

On this episode of #Allpodcastsmatter we hash over what Donnie did, Which includes not knowing who he is, declaring Christmas is back with a vengeance, and cuts to the ACA. Jemele Hill is suspended from ESPN for being right. Calling out white supremacy can be bad for your job. Who knew? Texas inmates donated 54,000 dollars to Hurricane Harvey victims. Jerry Jones gets his plantation owner on. Mike Ditka says oppression hasn’t existed in 100 years.
California is on fire, and a super volcano in Yosemite might end the world. Good times! We also converse about Marshall’s Donnie diss.
In movie and tv news, Joanne the Scammer is getting her own on Netflix and we are hype. Legos come to Wakanda as the Black Panther will be getting his own Lego film. Thor Ragnarok will begin a 3 film arc for the Hulk, spanning across the next two Avengers films. Gambit gets yet another release date, for real this time. Tessa Thompson might be in a female led Avengers team up film. We also saw the trailers for Star Wars and The New Mutants. We hated one and loved the other. The answer may surprise you!

Musical guest this week

Pokemon:The First Movie Review

I recently watched the first Pokémon for the very first time, nearly 20 years after its release it was still impressive. I played the games and watched the original series growing up and I bought my toddler son a few Poke items as well. This time had come to indoctrinate him with the Pokémon franchise.  The film begins like many of my favorites do, with the origin story of the villain.    

   This is as tragic as it gets. A married couple loses their daughter. The husband is a soon to be mad scientist refuses to give her up and attempts to clone her. His wife leaves him because she can’t bear going thru this ordeal over and over again.  

    Oh and cloning seems to be a passion project for this scientist because he also wants to create the world’s most powerful Pokémon, making a clone and the rare and recluse Mew.

   Plans worked all too well as Mewtwo grew in a test tube for years, awake only in his consciousness. The other clones lived in a self contained universe with him but only he survived.  He saw them die many times as his hatred for humanity grew. When Mewtwo awakens he is of course vengeful and learns his existence was a mere experiment and destroys the lab and everyone in it.

   Mewtwo begins his life with an existential crisis, this is heavy stuff for a movie about pocket monsters, which is also a chapter in my memoirs during puberty.

     After a gripping introduction by our antagonist, we finally see our old familiar faces Ash and friends. The movie has some other messages like the futility of war. Which is strange coming from a show based solely on fighting animals for personal gain and clout.

    Do I still need to post spoiler alerts for a movie nearly 20 years old? We as a society need to set decorum for proper spoiler time. When Ash died I truly felt Pikachu’s pain.

   The movie was successful at indoctrinated my child with the love of pocket monsters, and mine was reestablished.