Do The Comey, Black Lightning, & Top 5 White Musicians

Welcome back for another installment of #Allpodcastsmatter. Happy birthday to Malcolm X, RIP to Afeni Shakur.
In what Donnie did, Donnie, Donnie no one should terrorize the neighborhood, whoooooaaaa. Betsy Devos wants to repeal the loan forgiveness program for some government employees. Donnie leaked some information to Russia.
In this week’s fireside chat we discuss the trailer for Black Lightning and Lavar Ball.
In movie news Ice Cube confirms Last Friday. I hope this means people will stop making those fake posters for the movie. David Ayer is the latest director attached to the Scarface remake. Jordan Peele passed on making a live action Akira to make a new series called Love Craft Country.
The Flash movie may have found a director in Matt Vaughn. Sony announces that they signed Tom Hardy as Venom. We have mixed feelings about this.

This week’s top 5 is our favorite white musicians.

Musical guest this week is Seis the Element.


Blade Runner Review


This week we review 1982’s Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford and his coat. Set in the distant year of 2019, Ford has to hunt down some replicants, and of course things aren’t what they seem.


Musical guest

Raj Marks


Welcome Back War On Drugs, Charles Barkley & Top 5 DC Films

Welcome back to another installment of #Allpodcastmatter. RIP to Big Black and the creator of a G.I. Joe.
We talk about Betsy Devos appearance at Bethune Cookman, Jeff Sessions revival of the war on drugs,the firing of James Comey.
In this week’s fireside chat we discuss the new Charles Barkley show American Race. Which we watched out of morbid curiosity. Surprise Barkley is as tone deaf was we thought.
In movie news we discuss Diane Lane’s slip of the tongue accidently saying Justice League is inferior to Avengers. We celebrate Donald Glover getting the creative reigns of the Deadpool series is amazing. We mourn the box office disappointment of Power Rangers. We loved the film, but box office return was poor. A sequel at this point is unlikely. Hellboy will be getting a reboot without GDT or Ronnie Pearls, bitter sweet but great news over all.

This week’s top 5 is films based on DC properties.

Musical guest is SouthJerseyTK.


ACHA, Big Baller, Inhumans, & Top 5

Welcome to another installment of #Allpodcastmatter. This week on the show we confabulate on a plethora of topics. Donnie takes a trip to the Philippines, our sources say it isn’t lumpia related.
Mark Green, senator from Tennessee , pulls out from the running for Secretary of the army, post making ignorant remarks about transgender people.
Raul Labrador states that no one dies from not having healthcare, this is coming on the heels of the repeal of the American Health Care Act. Due to various pre existing conditions many millions of Americans would no longer qualify including, both people on this show.
The Officer who shot Jordan Edwards has been arrested and charged with murder. Samantha Bee’s husband says he’s not racist but wants to segregate schools.
Kendall Jenner continues her streak of being not awesome.
We also talk about Big Baller Brand shoes.

This week’s fireside chat is Budden vs Lil Yachty.

In movie news Batfleck begins his training regimen, Aquaman starts filming. Kevin Feige confirms MCU and Netflix will indeed crossover. We saw some jawesome trailers Defenders and The Dark Tower.

This week’s top 5 is song titles from Chris Brown’s 40 track album.

Musical guest is Maverick Da Ronin. Find links to him here.


Thug Whales 2, Titans, & Top 5

Hi everyone, we’re back! Pardon the delay we attended Silicon Valley Comic Con last week. The Los Angeles riots were 25 years ago, and things remain for the most part exactly the same. It has been 1 year since we lost the purple one. In What Donnie did he finally agrees with most Americans that things were much better prior to him becoming the president. He signed an order wednesday stating he will be reviewing national monuments created in the past 21 years .
California made slight progress with prisoner reform, prisoners who receive degrees can reduce sentences. Finally in wacky animal news, we see the return of Thug Whales.

The chat this week is about recently released information about federal guidelines for poverty in the Bay Area. I hope you are sitting down these numbers may alarm you.

In tv & movie news George Miller has 2 more Mad Max films in the can, he can gladly take our monies. Unbreakable is getting a sequel. While we didn’t ask, this is great news for those that care.
DC announces their very own streaming digital streaming service, along with a new live action Teen Titans series. Nightwing will be leading, Beast Boy will be on the roster as well. Young Justice season 3 will also air on the network. Will DC’s network be added to your slew of services? We watched 2 trailers this week. 47 Meters Down and Kingsmen:The Golden Circle. Also 3 Fox Marvel movies will be released next year, Deadpool 2, New Mutants and a Dark Phoenix X-men film.
This week’s top 5 are musical acts we would like to see reunited. Despite the fact that these types of reunions is generally never the same, the magic is lost and everyone is disappointed.

Musical guest this week is Pokchop.

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

This was our first our experience at Silicon Valley Comic. Spoiler alert we had a blast. The San Jose Convention Center is a spacious wonderland and perfect for a convention. We attended a media event with some excellent toys on display including the new Acura NSX., and honest to Horus robots. Pepper the Robot from Softbank Robotics to be specific. She’s a robot designed to read emotions. Socially awkward and slightly tipsy was identified.


The second day at the con we had the pleasure of seeing the legend her self Pam Grier, at a panel about inclusion in Hollywood. She shared some stories about her tribulations and trials being a black woman in the industry. She was hilarious, and insight as she was radiant.

The convention floor lay out was impressive, huge number of vendors and spacious aisles. Which is a rarity in the convention game.

Ghostlight had one of my favorite booths. They had a replica ED-209 from Robocop, and a miniature version of the reactor from Spider-man 2.



Chosen Wan apparel combines fresh nerdy attire with social commentary.  This is one of my favorite combinations a close second to the classic peanut butter and jelly. Purchased this cool shirt pictured below.  You can find more about them and their clothing here.


This convention is the only one I have attended to feature a fully functional arcade. Console and cabinet games were plentiful. Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 was one of the most well rounded and enjoyable cons we have attended, and we are ecstatic to attend next year.










WDD, Ragnarok & Top 5 Vampire Films

Happy Easter Everybody! Rest in Peace to Charlie Murphy. We lost a legend in comedy this week. Sean Spicer continues to do what he does best and say remarkably dumb things. Donnie drops the largest non nuclear bomb possible.
In lighter news Eli Manning is scamming his own fans with fake memorabilia . and United is no offer quite a large lump sum for overbooked flights to try to win people back.
We have a discussion about the Showtime series Guerrilla, and its erasure of Black women from London’s Black power movement.
We are both excited about The Last Jedi, lesser excited about Coming to America sequel, and ecstatic about John Brolin’s casting as Cable. Lastly Keane tries to convince Vick Thor:Ragnarok will change his life.
This week’s Top 5 is favorite vampire films.

It was Keane’s birthday on Thursday! An iTunes review would be a fantastic gift.

Musical Guest is Beeda Weeda.

Fate of the Furious Review

Welcome to #Allpodcastmatter presents, a review of The Fate of the Furious. Remember it’s not what you have under the hood but who is behind the wheel. This franchise went from stealing VCRs to stealing nuclear weapons. Between large action set pieces and jokes that fall flat some one amongst this mess is entertainment. Also take a shot every time you hear the word family.

As always thank you for listening.

Musical Guest SweenS