March for Mike

Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. In this episode we talk about Ben Carson, Killer Mike’s appearance on NRAtv, Betsy Devos and Donnie’s unappreciation for after school programs.
For the first time in many a fort night we talk about the NFL.
In movie news we talk about the Superfly reboot, Venom, Deadpool 2 and Black Panther.

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Pacific Rim Uprising

Hey everybody, we’re reviewing Pacific Rim 2. I mean Uprising, because it is against the law for sequels to use numbers in Trump’s America.

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Weekend At Donnie’s

Donnie has had a busy week, from Stormy Daniels to Space Force sometimes we can’t believe this is real life. OJ Simpson lets us further know that he is not black he is OJ. James Schwab was the former spokesperson to for San Francisco’s ICE department, stepped down because he did not want to feel comfortable lying to the public.
RIP to Craig Mack and Stephen Hawking.

In movie news, Lil Yachty and Nicolas Cage are Green Lantern and Superman respectively in Teen Titans GO! Batman is rumored to start filming in 2019. Ava Duvernay will be directing a New Gods film for DC.

Musical Guest is NyteXing.

Music from this episode is from his new project side missions. Like is below.

Donnie Gets His Parade, Inclusion Riders, & Top 5 1998

I hope this episode finds you in good health. Welcome to #Allpodcastmatter. Listener discretion is advised.
In What Donnie did, Hope Hicks announces she is leaving her position at the white house, and Donnie will indeed get his parade.
Florida in general lost their damn minds last week. Martin Skereli, the man with the most punchable face in the world gets sent to prison.
Smash Bros is coming to the Switch. Does anyone remember that Will Smith song by the same name? no? it’s ok.

In movie news Michael B. Jordan announces all of his projects produced by his company will include an inclusion rider.

This week’s top 5 is films from 1998.

Musical Guest-Kelechi

Ric Flair, ICE, S. Dash & Top 5 Movie Tropes

Hi everybody,

welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. In this episode Donnie has had a long week. Everything from new and exciting tariffs, to wanting gun control, to again supporting the NRA.
Dick’s Sporting goods will no longer sell assault weapons.
In movie news Kirsten Wiig is going to be a super villain. Silver Surfer is getting a movie, all that you know is at an end.
Keanu Reeves is playing a super hero again, and we are stoked.

Musical guest MC Righteous.

20 Questions

hope no one notices that there weren’t actually 20 questions. This episode is us answering questions submitted from listeners. Hope you enjoy.


Grand Theft Donnie 4, NRA Losses, Top Travel Destinations

Hi everyone welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. In What Donnie Did, we discuss his new idea for a movie rating system and how he blamed movies and games for violence in America. How a woman rammed into the gate of the White House, whilst being armed with a hand gun.
Cinemark is banning large bags, in the wake of poor concession sales.
In movie news we discuss latest developments with Batgirl, Avengers, X-force, Guardians of the Galaxy and Creed 2
Top 5 is travel destinations.

Musical Guest is LylesRaps.


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