Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver excels in action yet stalls and sputters in the story.  Just to be transparent I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, all my jams. The visual flair, and cheekiness all of it. The opening action sequence is fantastic. I haven’t been impressed by a car action choreography in years. A round of applause for practical effects that isn’t reliant upon huge amounts of destruction and carnage. The first half of the film is has a visual style that is pretty amazing, and plays a little bit like a musical. Much of the narrative and action take place to the beat of the music playing in Baby’s ears. When he isn’t playing music we can hear a slight ringing just like Baby, which was cool early on later in the movie seems a little gimmicky. I am convinced this takes place in an alternate reality, where everyone is knowledgeable music and speaks in rhyme.
The whole cast I thought was really fantastic, not a weak link in the bunch. Ansel the lead has a young alright alright alrght vibe going for him, I can dig that.
Baby has a conversation with his deaf black adoptive father about getting out of the game. He sees a news report about people being injured in a heist. The movie only touches on the emotional wounds on a fairly young man forced into a life of crime and it is never really dealt with.
Also Baby’s Dad has no real development and gives sagely advice to Baby in time of need. Minor tier magical negro, but nothing approaching Will Smith’s Hancock levels.
I did find my self eye rolling and checking my pocket watch towards the end and I was tapping my wrap it up illuminated sign.
The titular characters real name is revealed in the last moments of the film. His name is Miles. Edgar Wright must be a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic has a two tailed fox sidekick by the name of tails, his real name is Miles Prower, making the zany pun of miles per hour.

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This week in the news we talk about Donnie’s barring of Trans people in the military. In a supposed effort to save money. The Mooch only lasted 10 days working for 45 before he got fired.
In regular news, we talk about Korean missiles, the opiate crisis in Ohio. Ohio listeners is it nice there? I have heard good things.
Also recently offensive events at The Breakfastclub.
In movie related news we talk about super mustache removal, James Cameron doing 3 more terminator movies. John Cena in an 80’s period piece Transformers film, what have we done to deserve this?
Deadpool 2 looks amazing, New images of Domino and her glorious afro debuted, and Cable is cool too.
No confederate!

The top 5 is questions for each other. So we can get to know each other better and so can you. The power is yours, Kwame voice. Did you know Levar Burton voiced Kwame? Mr. Burton is a true treasure.

The question segment turned into a black version of I love you man, which is a pretty enjoyable film Like most Apatow productions runs about 40 minutes too long.

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Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance


Hi everybody! We reviewed Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance. Spoiler this is a really bad movie. The part is Idris Elba and he is doing a terrible french accent the whole time. Hope you enjoy the show. Follow us on twitter at @allpodsmatter, IG at Allpodcastsmatter, like us on Facebook.

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Spicey Quits, Respectability Poltics, SDCC Recap

Good day Y’all.
R.I.P. King of Zombies George Romero. Here is what Donnie Did., Sean Spicer quits, Sessions wants to stop violent crime, so he wants to go after the devil’s lettuce.
Mike Vick is a huge fan of respectability politics. OJ is back, but do we care? Rocko’s Modern Life is back too and that looks great.
In SDCC news, Todd McFarlane announces Spawn will finally get a new movie. We react to news and trailers from DC and Marvel
Top 5 this week is George Romero films.

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Valerian Review

Hi everyone, We accomplished the difficult task of seeing the failure of a film Valerian. From visionary director Luc Besson. The movie fell short, and relied heavily on visuals to replace the non coherent story line. This is a peak laundry folding movie right here.


DARE Returns, RIP Shia, Where Is Aladin?

Hi everybody! Thanks for coming back, or listening for the first time. This week on What Donnie did, Jeff Sessions wants the antiquated D.A.R.E. program to return, and some other zany political shenanigans.

Shia Labeouf was arrested and had a plethora of unpleasant things to things to say. Spoiler alert, they were super racist.

In movie news Disney is having some trouble with Aladdin and John Oliver is in The Lion King.

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Devos Nooo, No Spawn Ever, Top 5 Siblings

On this news episode of #Allpodcastsmatter we have a hilarious new photo, because groupon is magic. In What Donnie Did, patent pending, Betsy DeVos is getting sued by everybody. Donny must be a fan of Drake because at the G20 summit he had no friends. He also met Putin and the talked about how nothing sinister has happened betwixt them ever.

In regular news Paul Ryan says town hall meetings are too hard, and won’t be doing them any more because he doesn’t like people yelling at him. Also in groupon news, Vick found a “deal” on a Blue lives matter comedy tour. Can conservatives be funny?

In movie news Todd McFarlane gives us an update on the Spawn movie. Spoiler alert, we’re never gonna get never gonna get it, never gonna get whoo whoo whoo. Batman is getting a new animated jawn. We will see the long awaited return off Nick Fury in the Captain Marvel film. Keanu Reeves has a mini series coming out this year where in he plays a different type of assassin. We’re okay with that.

This week’s top 5 is top 5 siblings,