Wonder Woman Review

We reviewed the highly anticipated film Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is great. Patty Jenkins handled the action well. Over all enjoyable film despite the drab war film setting. DCEU’s best effort to date.



Paris Accord, Bill Maher, Animaniacs & Top Problematic Favs

Welcome back to #Allpodcastsmatter. This week we wish the greatest tv show ever created a happy 15th anniversary. In What Donnie did we talk about rollbacks in Cuba relations. The White house is absent in Ramadan celebrations, for reference they have participated since Clinton’s administration. Donnie has chosen to not play along with the Paris Accord, joining Nicaragua and Syria.
Bill Maher says the n-word in a cheap joke and black celebs run to his rescue.
In movie news so many many things are getting rebooted. Resident Evil, Animaniacs and Sin City but as a television show.

This week’s top 5 is problematic favorites.
Musical guest is Forcee the Kid.

FanimeCon 2017

Fanimecon 2017
Where: San Jose Convention Center
What is Fanimecon?
Convention started by a group of anime clubs in 1994 blossomed into so much more.
Facility is huge, beautiful , lots of rooms for panels, viewings and near by hotels participating.
This was my first fanimecon.
The game room was fantastic sporting games for literally every type of gamer. PC master race, dance, classic arcade shooters, board games and a giant jenga.
The viewing rooms were pretty amazing, I had never seen anything like this before. Screening movies, and various animes. I watched 200 lb beauty which actually looked like a fantastic movie, and reminded me again I should watch more foreign films. The sheer amount of panels was really quite impressive.
Nostalgia Critic’s panel  titled movies to fight people was pretty fantastic. The premise was simple. State your unpopular film opinion and have everyone fight you for it.  For example an opinion  I really identified with was a dislike of Blade Runner. The person who brought the opinion didn’t like the film because it wasn’t a faithful adaption. This Nostalgia Critic himself is quite the character. He gave a differently abled fan a lap dance. It was tasteful, but he still managed to break him off something fierce.
The other panel I attended was the Nerdcore Rap Cypher. In case you aren’t familiar with any of the terms I just used allow me to elaborate.  Nerdcore rap is the nerd equivalent of gangsta rap. It is REALLY nerdy.    Hosted by friend of the show DaRealwordsound, and Forcee the Kidd and a duo by the name of The Shogunate, they had a series of freestyles, a game called raps against humanity and even a crowd cypher that created a super star by the name of Second Thought. I’m a founding member of the thought hive.
This panel was truly something special. The energy was explosive, electric and even erotic (well that last part not so much)
  The energy level was pretty amazing .
I didn’t make it to any of the hentai viewings, Please don’t judge me, I was curious.
This is one of the best cons I have had the pleasure of attending. I highly recommend you take the time to make it next year.

Spider-man 3 Review

This week reviewed the highly coveted third entry in the first Spider franchise. It was hard to chose which Tobey dance sequence was our favorite. We also talk about the underlying commentary from Sandman living in Trump’s America.

Musical Guest is Mike Fish.
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Boyz N the Hood

This week on #APM classic we review the classic film Boyz N the Hood. Released in the amazing year that was 1991 John Singleton’s movie took the world by storm. We also have many answers as to how this is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Hi everybody! In this week’s episode we’re reviewing Wonder Woman. Oh wait, that’s later this week. Up until then, kudos if you read that in Juvenile’s voice, it’s Casablanca.
We venture back to old Hollywood and we are presently surprised.
But as per usual, how does this fit into MCU?

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Do The Comey, Black Lightning, & Top 5 White Musicians

Welcome back for another installment of #Allpodcastsmatter. Happy birthday to Malcolm X, RIP to Afeni Shakur.
In what Donnie did, Donnie, Donnie no one should terrorize the neighborhood, whoooooaaaa. Betsy Devos wants to repeal the loan forgiveness program for some government employees. Donnie leaked some information to Russia.
In this week’s fireside chat we discuss the trailer for Black Lightning and Lavar Ball.
In movie news Ice Cube confirms Last Friday. I hope this means people will stop making those fake posters for the movie. David Ayer is the latest director attached to the Scarface remake. Jordan Peele passed on making a live action Akira to make a new series called Love Craft Country.
The Flash movie may have found a director in Matt Vaughn. Sony announces that they signed Tom Hardy as Venom. We have mixed feelings about this.

This week’s top 5 is our favorite white musicians.

Musical guest this week is Seis the Element.


Blade Runner Review


This week we review 1982’s Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford and his coat. Set in the distant year of 2019, Ford has to hunt down some replicants, and of course things aren’t what they seem.


Musical guest

Raj Marks



Welcome Back War On Drugs, Charles Barkley & Top 5 DC Films

Welcome back to another installment of #Allpodcastmatter. RIP to Big Black and the creator of a G.I. Joe.
We talk about Betsy Devos appearance at Bethune Cookman, Jeff Sessions revival of the war on drugs,the firing of James Comey.
In this week’s fireside chat we discuss the new Charles Barkley show American Race. Which we watched out of morbid curiosity. Surprise Barkley is as tone deaf was we thought.
In movie news we discuss Diane Lane’s slip of the tongue accidently saying Justice League is inferior to Avengers. We celebrate Donald Glover getting the creative reigns of the Deadpool series is amazing. We mourn the box office disappointment of Power Rangers. We loved the film, but box office return was poor. A sequel at this point is unlikely. Hellboy will be getting a reboot without GDT or Ronnie Pearls, bitter sweet but great news over all.

This week’s top 5 is films based on DC properties.

Musical guest is SouthJerseyTK.