False Prophets, Gotg 2, Top 5 White People


Welcome to another installment of #Allpodcastsmatter. This week we talk about J.Cole’s new records, and Wale’s response. This is going to be a hot Christmas.
We thought Trevor Noah did a fine job having a conversation with career racist Tomi Lauren. Vick’s favorite wrestler Ric Flair makes a triumphant return to the ring.

Our fireside chat involves an in depth discussion about X-men, No one liking Cyclops and the new blue and gold books.

Billy Dee Williams reprises his role as Two Face for Lego Batman. The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer looks fantastic.

Our Top 5 this is white people.

Musical Guest Otaku Gang’s very own A.O. Lyrical
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Moana Review

On this episode we review Moana. This review is mildly spoiler filled just to warn you. We loved it. It was was excellent to see some color up on the big screen from disney. This music captivated us and the visuals were astounding. Oh, lest we forget the feels were in abundance. Join us on a ride of whimsy and excitement as we talk Moana. We were going to review Spider-Man but this movie was more fun, so we ran about Spidey a little.


Thank you Balance for the the music this week.



Kraken Con, Movie News, Top 5 90s Rap Videos




On this episode we discuss out first convention. It was a blast. Loved the political undertones of this event, namely F*** Trump.

Fidel Castro, Florence Henderson, and Ross Glass all passed away this week. We talk about what they meant to us.

In movie news, we nominate Lexi Alexander to direct Captain Marvel. She is woke AF, she is literally a world champion at karate, and has already a great comic book film in Punisher:War Zone.

Our top 5 is 1990s rap videos. Thank you SkyBlew for the music this week.


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Blade 2 Review



This week on the show we review Blade 2. Blade is back and he’s having a grand old time. Daryl from Walking Dead hangs out a bit in this movie. As does Ronnie Pearls as Vick affectionately dubs Ron Pearlman. Did you know he has a Black wife and kids? I digress, this movie is a fun, horror, action adventure thrill ride. The big bad Novak gives an Oscar worthy performance.

Music this week from acclaimed Bay Area native Balance.
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Election Why , X – Men Reboot, & Top 5

It’s our first election day episode! Hooray. Sure it didn’t exactly turn out the way we wanted but that is ok. Let’s talk about. Get all those feels out. We talk about what went wrong with this election, as well as what went right.
In our movie news we discuss yet another Willy Wonka reboot.
Harley Quinn movie finds a writer, also announced that it will be a Birds of Prey film. A movie starring various women from the DC Universe. This sounds pretty cool. X-men will be getting a reboot with out Bryan Singer, Horus has delivered us a miracle. Also Young Justice will be getting a season three. This is the best news that came this November.
Top 5 is Playstation 2 games. Music provided by Kayer.
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KPFA News Story



On February 12, 2013 Kayla Moore African-American transgender Berkeley woman died when police forcefully restrained her in her home.


KPFA News Story Prison Censorship



I was on KPFA a few weeks ago, reported a story. Like to hear it? Here it go.



Earlier this month Malcom Morgan, who is a prisoner in a California facility published an article in the Bay View newspaper saying that he was notified that he could no longer receive the paper. Morgan had been told that no inmate may possess literature which contains plans to disrupt the order or breach security of any facility.

Shaq’tin A Fool, TMNT Reboot & Top 5 Xbox Games



Welcome to another installment of #AllPodcastsMatter. Thanks for listening. On this episode we discuss Lil Wayne’s continuing ignorant comments regarding Black Lives Matter. Good by old friend, at least we still have Juvenile. Maybe Shaq and Lil Weezy can have a collaborative project since they both believe racism does not exist. Mr. Kazaam said this week that he is not worried when his is pulled over because he respects police.

In our weekly discussion we discuss forgiveness. Can you forgive any offense? Why or Why not.

In my movie news, Wonder Woman trailer has arrived. Looks like someone at the DC offices got a hold of the Captain America: The First Avenger dvd. The director of The Flash movie quits again, citing creative differences. My Whole life has changed, since you came in, I knew back then. Remember that song?
There will not be TMNT 3, but we’re looking forward to a reboot. What can make the turtles good again? Why did this franchise fail? Djimon Hounsou makes an impassioned statement about representation in comic books.

This week’s top 5 is original Xbox games. Does Vick interrupt Keane too much?

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Dr. Strange Review

On this installment of #Allpodcastsmatter we talk about the newest edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dr Strange.