This week in What Donnie Did, Donnie yells at the media much like he does every week, and Jeff Sessions is asked to leave. Voting happened this week and some good things came of it. Notorious RBG takes a fall but is tougher than microwaved french toast.
Crackdown 3 gets a release date. Menthol cigarettes are possibly being banned and San Diego Comic Con registration happened this weekend and chaos ensued.

In entertainment news, a Shrek reboot was announced, Aquaman is 2 and a half hours, John Cena wants to be Captain America, Godzilla V. King Kong begins filming, Netflix announces new anime.
Of course there is Keanu Reeves news.

There was no top 5 this week due to us being tired. It’ll return next week.

Musical Guest this week is J. Nolan.
Pick up his album on Bandcamp here…6209UY2936325

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