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In Donnie did, Donnie declares dope ads will decrease opiate usage. A man, who became the hero we all needed, on the last day of his job briefly stopped Donnie’s twitter fingers for 11 minutes. We were all better for it. Donnie’s wacky administration after seeing box office disaster Geostorm with Gerard Butler, said this week that climate change was real. Gerard can do anything.
Papa John’s is and continues to be our least favorite pizza chain after wanting NFL players to end their protest because there seems to be a correlation betwixt protest and slumping pizza sales.
Mila Kunis is trolling for good, by donating to Planned Parenthood but giving credit to Mike Pence. He receives a thank you letter in the mail monthly.

In movie, and television news a new TMNT animated series is in the works and it looks a little bit different. April is black like in the original comics, and Raphael is the leader. Tyrese may not be in Fast 9. Lion King cast looks… lionlicious?
Lord of the rings our favorite laundry folding movie may be getting a tv series, sure why not?
Lawrence Fishburne is Bill Foster in Ant-man 2, An-Tony’s Revenge, but he also announced a secret Marvel project, is Keanu in it?
Venom set pics are out, and it is definitely a movie that is happening.

This week’ top 5 is movies from 2007.

Musical guest is Da Rap Nerd, from a project called Passing Notes Vol 1.

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