Fire, Fury & Frankly Power, Top Things From 97

Welcome to #Allpocastsmatter. This week on the show we celebrate the anniversary of many things, Spawn the movie, and Generation DX. 1997 was so great it actually inspired the top 5.
In the usual What Donnie did, the orange one thanked Russia for the firing of several US staffers. He is more than ecstatic to threaten North Korea with nuclear war.
We also talk about the Charlottesville Rally? Hate meet up? White nationalist protest, terrible people with tiki torches.

In movie and TV news we talk about the revival of King of the HIll, Disney’s streaming service and how it will affect Netflix. We give an update on the Dredd TV series, and the next Terminator film. Can Joss Whedon save Justice League, short answer yes, long answer also yes.

Mac Mall is the musical guest Bay Area rap legend. Thanks for providing the music this week.
Go pick up his book My Opinion .


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