Gitmo Is Litmo, Rush Hour4, Top 5

Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter, the show about politics, social issues, pop culture and Keanu Reeves, This week in What Donnie Did, Donnie and his team of evil troglodytes erode civil rights faster than Sonic the hedgehog in Green Hills Zone. The FBI may be after us as they have labeled Black Identity Extremists to be a national threat to public safety. See you in Gitmo.

Is this 2017? Jackie Chan says he is on board for Rush Hour 4, are you? Michael B. Jordan is executive producing a series on Netflix Surviving Dion. Fast 9 is delayed a year, Tyrese is saltier than Angelina Jolie in 2010. We also talk about the trailers for Pacific Rim and Justice League.

This week’s Top 5 is favorite things about Halloween.
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