Hov 4 Hillary, Walking Dead & Top 5 Horror Films

On another exciting installment of #AllPodcastsMatter Keane and Vick had a battle to the death… with words. We stopped mid show to form a militia and occupy some government land with automatic rifles. David Crosby questions the musicianship of Kanye West. Vick is team Drake in an exciting turn of events.
In movie news Shane Black’s predator looks amazing. Benedict Cumberpatch reveals we will see the Illuminati in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also wax poetic about the return of Walking Dead.
This week’s Top 5 is horror films.

Unlearn the World is the musical guest!


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This week on #AllPodcastsMatter , we got our first press pass to a Convention, Keane got a news media pass, and we are incredibly excited about the new Nintendo Switch. It goes from handheld to standard console seamlessly, and has every game a Nintendo stan could possibly want. Vick is particularly angry about Charlie Sheen, Keane didn’t care too much. Marvel pulled a controversial cover variant for the new Ironman comic with RiRi Williams. If you haven’t seen by now RiRi is drawn inappropriately for a 15 year old girl. Also her skin tone was lightened substantially from her 1st appearance. J. Scott Campbell is the artist in question, had a standard Matt Damon response. Claiming that this outrage is unwarranted, and that he doesn’t understand colorism or drawing young girls in this fashion. His response was more upsetting than the actually drawing itself.

We also have a brief discussion about publicly shaming your child. Maybe you have stumbled across a post on social media in which a parent gives their child an embarrassing haircut.

In movie news Deadpool 2 news, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Captain Planet are both in development. Donald Glover is cast as young Lando Star Wars. A new trailer for the final installment of the Wolverine franchise is released, Logan. We discuss our thoughts on it in graphic detail.

This week’s top 5 is greatest voices in Hollywood.

Musical guest this week is Elijah Grear. You can find his music here.

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This week on #AllPodcastsMatter I , Keane , emphatically state why I hate Matt Damon. The presidential debate happened this past week. It was fairly disturbing. A serious waste of time that discussed no issues that I cared about. We mourn the loss of Floyd Mayweather. Colin Kaepernick returns to the football field.

Please miss me with these white savior films. Why does America love these?! A yoda film was announced. Are you excited?
Did you see the Nat Turner biopic? No one else did either.

This week’s Top 5 is Disney films.

This week’s musical guest is D.Ciano.

Also I started drawing these on the back of my business cards.

His name is business cat.



Clown Watch 2016, Get Out, Resident Evil Trailer review & Top 5 Wrestlers

Clown Watch 2016 is in full effect. You know have to show your driver’s license to buy clown make up. There is a national clown registry. Every effort must be taken to protect America from this plague of giant shoes and whimsy.
Can conservatives be funny? Fox News attempted to make a satirical video about why Asian people are not voting for Trump. It used just about every possible stereotype with in a matter of minutes.
Quite a bit of trailers were released this week due to New York Comic Con, we talk about our favorite ones.
Is it possible to be too socially conscious?

This week’s Top 5 is wrestlers, from Rowdy Roddy Piper to Sting, we’ve got you covered.

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Things Are Kinda Ok, Luke Cage, & Top 5 Worsts Teammates

Welcome back! This episode Vick wax’s poetic about the death and rebirth of hip hop. Keane tells the tale of interning at a radio station.
We also ponder deeply on the magic that is raccoon ownership.
The current social climate can be really heavy at times. This episode we wanted to keep it light as vinegrette, as to not be in a state of constant rage.

In movie news Lion King is being remade after the success of this years Jungle Book. Is that a good idea?

Quest for Keanu begins and ends. This week’s top 5 is worst super hero teammates.

Musical guest J. Stalin.



Unarmed Shootings, Black Heroes, Power Rangers, Top 5 Saturday Morning Cartoons

Welcome back to another volume of the show that is sweeping the airwaves. A republican told me that if Martin Luther King Jr. were alive he would love this episode. I replied well wouldn’t know since he was assassinated by a white nationalist.

Let me dial it back a bit my apologies. We talk about the murders of unarmed black citizens at the hands of police, and the effect this has on us in our day to day lives.

Kaepernick really continues to impress me every week. He spoke to kids on a football team in Oakland, California. This team has made gestures on the field much like Kaepernick has. He applauded the team for being socially conscious at a young age.

The new Power Rangers film is shaping up nicely. Bill Hader joins the cast, and new character posters actually give a tease of the new zords. The Rock is going to in the cast of Jumanji. Jon Bernthal dons the skull to film some new scenes as The Punisher.

This week’s top 5 is saturday morning cartoon shows.

The music this week is provided by FoePound McGinnis

NFL Payroll, Batman Day, Cudi, & Top 5 Mixtapes

This episode was brought to you by caffeine! On this spectacular episode of #AllpodcastsMatter we cover a plethora or topics, Hold on to your butts!

Did we use too many exclamation points so far? Two seems like quite a bit considering the amount of sentences so far. We wanted to dispel some common misconceptions of the National Football League. Namely the fact that they are overpaid thugs. Quite the contrary, football players make the least amount money when compared to other professional athletes.

Also our favorite Hot Boy declares that racism is over. No no, not Juvenile, not BG either, no we do not mean Turk either. Yes ! You’ve guessed it Lil’ Tunechi himself, Lil’ Wayne. Why have you forsaken us?

Kid Cudi and Kanye West had a falling out this week. No more tracks like Gorgeous. Who will suffer the most from the end of this friendship?
Today is Batman Day, we relive some of our favorite Bat memories. Can a live action Harley Quinn movie be good?
Is Keanu Reeves immortal? What other podcast is tackling these tough issues?

This week’s top 5 is mixtapes.

Thank you Sky Blew for your music this week. These tracks are all from Sky Blew’s recently released album The Cowardly Boy, buy it on bandcamp. Tell him we sent you. You won’t get a discount or anything but I’ll think it is pretty cool

Captain America 1990 Review

On this episodeof #AllPodcastsMatter review Captain America from 1990.
Are you ready to see Red Skull rats? See Captain America wear a trench coat and steal cars? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions this movie is for you!

Shout out to Roqy Tyraid for the music this episode. You’re the man now dog.

Howard The Duck Review

#Allpodcastsmatter continues its series of comic book movie reviews, this week being Howard the duck. Remember seeing this as a kid?
Well this was the first time we watched this as adults, and it was a little different than I remember. I did not recall Howard working in a brothel, and they really went over the top with duck puns.
Hope you enjoy the show and thank you to Sky Blew for the music this week.