RIP Batman, Comey, Ice Cube, Tom Hardy Is Jafar

Happy Anniversary to Reading Rainbow, which turns 34. Predator turns 30. Rest in peace to Adam West, the first Batman. We’re doing the Battuci for you. In What Donnie Did, We of course talk about Comey’s testimony. Jeff Sessions is eyeing the door, considering quitting. Donnie also goes after immigrants who were given reprieves by Obama.
Barnes & Noble is back and they are selling dranks. Yo, it is about to be a lituation at the book store.
Welcome Bank Hank Williams Jr.! Are you ready for racism?! If you are unfamiliar with that name he is a country singer who is also known for singing the NFL’s Monday Night Football theme. He was fired six years ago for making inflammatory remarks about Obama.
Ice Cube goes in on Bill Maher about his use of the N word.

The Fireside Chat is how to handle trolls on the internet.

Tom Hardy for some reason is being sought after for the role of Jafar in the live action Aladdin remake. James Gunn is going to running the MCU post Infinity War. Power Rangers was the sleeper best movie of the summer, but didn’t have a great theatrical run. We’re still crossing our fingers for a sequel announcement.
We talk about a few trailers, Baby Driver and of course the highly anticipated teaser trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther. We both shed tears of joy.

This week’s top 5 is filling some of the vacant positions in Donnie’ cabinet.

Featured Musical guest is DaRealWordSound. Find his project here.


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