Shaq’tin A Fool, TMNT Reboot & Top 5 Xbox Games



Welcome to another installment of #AllPodcastsMatter. Thanks for listening. On this episode we discuss Lil Wayne’s continuing ignorant comments regarding Black Lives Matter. Good by old friend, at least we still have Juvenile. Maybe Shaq and Lil Weezy can have a collaborative project since they both believe racism does not exist. Mr. Kazaam said this week that he is not worried when his is pulled over because he respects police.

In our weekly discussion we discuss forgiveness. Can you forgive any offense? Why or Why not.

In my movie news, Wonder Woman trailer has arrived. Looks like someone at the DC offices got a hold of the Captain America: The First Avenger dvd. The director of The Flash movie quits again, citing creative differences. My Whole life has changed, since you came in, I knew back then. Remember that song?
There will not be TMNT 3, but we’re looking forward to a reboot. What can make the turtles good again? Why did this franchise fail? Djimon Hounsou makes an impassioned statement about representation in comic books.

This week’s top 5 is original Xbox games. Does Vick interrupt Keane too much?

Musical guest Roqy Tyraid! Follow him on all the social medias.


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