Trickle Down Donnie, Venom & Top 5 Halloween Songs

Hey everybody, we’re back with our news episode of the week. Donnie reveals a new tax plan that will get your red American blood pumping. Puerto Rico is surely in need of help post Maria, and luckily many people have banded together to help, Donnie not included.
Adam Silver quickly backtracks on players kneeling during the national anthem, when just a few days ago he said he would support players.
The Venom film is the best cast worst film ever, as Michelle Williams joins the cast. No, the other Michelle Williams. Yeah i had to google her too, but she is in some good movies.
In old ass movies being resurrected new, Die Hard 6, Terminator 6 and new Men in Black movie news happened this week.
This week’s top 5 is Halloween songs.

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