WDD, Black PPG, No You Cant Say The N Word, Unless..

Hi Everyone, Welcome to #allpodcastsmatter . The podcast about politics, social issues, movies and Keanu Reeves.
In What Donnie Did, looks like Harriet won’t be on the 20 dollar bill. Jeff Sessions is giddy about ruining lives. The world might be ending. Which technically isn’t Donnie’s fault but he damn sure is not helping the case.
Michael Bennett was harassed and assaulted by police post Mayweather fisticuffs. He was running from gunshots as a normal human would do. When police stopped for for being large and black.
In entertainment news, there is a new black powerpuff girl. Suicide Squad finds a new director. Aladdin casts a white guy for no reason. South Park’s new video changes difficulty with shade of skin. Spike Lee and Jordan Peele are working together on a film about the Black man who successfully infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan.
This week’s top 5 is how white people can say the N word.

Musical Guest this week is Mega Ran, from his recently released album Extra Credit.
available here.

Listen all the way to the end this week, there is a promo for friends of ours over at The Grown Ass Man Hip Hop Show



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