WDD, DCEU News, Top 5 MJ Videos

Hi everybobdy. Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. This week we rappity rap about politics, news and movies as per usual. Happy Birthday to Lexi Alexander.

In What Donnie Did aside from starring at the sun, he got into it with Mitchy MCConnell. We look into black Donnie supporter with an illustrious past.
Did 45 really spend up all that Secret Service budget already? Amy Schumer still says ignorant and wildly offensive things. Just like George Foreman.

In movie does DC has some explaining to do. Which movie is coming out when and why?

This week’s Top 5 is favorite Michael Jackson videos.

Foe Pound McGinnis is the musical guest
The album is available on his Bandcamp for purchase. Name your price.

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