WDD, Em’s Freestyle, Last Jedi & Top 5 Fears

On this episode of #Allpodcastsmatter we hash over what Donnie did, Which includes not knowing who he is, declaring Christmas is back with a vengeance, and cuts to the ACA. Jemele Hill is suspended from ESPN for being right. Calling out white supremacy can be bad for your job. Who knew? Texas inmates donated 54,000 dollars to Hurricane Harvey victims. Jerry Jones gets his plantation owner on. Mike Ditka says oppression hasn’t existed in 100 years.
California is on fire, and a super volcano in Yosemite might end the world. Good times! We also converse about Marshall’s Donnie diss.
In movie and tv news, Joanne the Scammer is getting her own on Netflix and we are hype. Legos come to Wakanda as the Black Panther will be getting his own Lego film. Thor Ragnarok will begin a 3 film arc for the Hulk, spanning across the next two Avengers films. Gambit gets yet another release date, for real this time. Tessa Thompson might be in a female led Avengers team up film. We also saw the trailers for Star Wars and The New Mutants. We hated one and loved the other. The answer may surprise you!

Musical guest this week

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