Welcome Back War On Drugs, Charles Barkley & Top 5 DC Films

Welcome back to another installment of #Allpodcastmatter. RIP to Big Black and the creator of a G.I. Joe.
We talk about Betsy Devos appearance at Bethune Cookman, Jeff Sessions revival of the war on drugs,the firing of James Comey.
In this week’s fireside chat we discuss the new Charles Barkley show American Race. Which we watched out of morbid curiosity. Surprise Barkley is as tone deaf was we thought.
In movie news we discuss Diane Lane’s slip of the tongue accidently saying Justice League is inferior to Avengers. We celebrate Donald Glover getting the creative reigns of the Deadpool series is amazing. We mourn the box office disappointment of Power Rangers. We loved the film, but box office return was poor. A sequel at this point is unlikely. Hellboy will be getting a reboot without GDT or Ronnie Pearls, bitter sweet but great news over all.

This week’s top 5 is films based on DC properties.

Musical guest is SouthJerseyTK.


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