Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

This was our first our experience at Silicon Valley Comic. Spoiler alert we had a blast. The San Jose Convention Center is a spacious wonderland and perfect for a convention. We attended a media event with some excellent toys on display including the new Acura NSX., and honest to Horus robots. Pepper the Robot from Softbank Robotics to be specific. She’s a robot designed to read emotions. Socially awkward and slightly tipsy was identified.


The second day at the con we had the pleasure of seeing the legend her self Pam Grier, at a panel about inclusion in Hollywood. She shared some stories about her tribulations and trials being a black woman in the industry. She was hilarious, and insight as she was radiant.

The convention floor lay out was impressive, huge number of vendors and spacious aisles. Which is a rarity in the convention game.

Ghostlight had one of my favorite booths. They had a replica ED-209 from Robocop, and a miniature version of the reactor from Spider-man 2.



Chosen Wan apparel combines fresh nerdy attire with social commentary.  This is one of my favorite combinations a close second to the classic peanut butter and jelly. Purchased this cool shirt pictured below.  You can find more about them and their clothing here.


This convention is the only one I have attended to feature a fully functional arcade. Console and cabinet games were plentiful. Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 was one of the most well rounded and enjoyable cons we have attended, and we are ecstatic to attend next year.










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