Pokemon:The First Movie Review

I recently watched the first Pokémon for the very first time, nearly 20 years after its release it was still impressive. I played the games and watched the original series growing up and I bought my toddler son a few Poke items as well. This time had come to indoctrinate him with the Pokémon franchise.  The film begins like many of my favorites do, with the origin story of the villain.    

   This is as tragic as it gets. A married couple loses their daughter. The husband is a soon to be mad scientist refuses to give her up and attempts to clone her. His wife leaves him because she can’t bear going thru this ordeal over and over again.  

    Oh and cloning seems to be a passion project for this scientist because he also wants to create the world’s most powerful Pokémon, making a clone and the rare and recluse Mew.

   Plans worked all too well as Mewtwo grew in a test tube for years, awake only in his consciousness. The other clones lived in a self contained universe with him but only he survived.  He saw them die many times as his hatred for humanity grew. When Mewtwo awakens he is of course vengeful and learns his existence was a mere experiment and destroys the lab and everyone in it.

   Mewtwo begins his life with an existential crisis, this is heavy stuff for a movie about pocket monsters, which is also a chapter in my memoirs during puberty.

     After a gripping introduction by our antagonist, we finally see our old familiar faces Ash and friends. The movie has some other messages like the futility of war. Which is strange coming from a show based solely on fighting animals for personal gain and clout.

    Do I still need to post spoiler alerts for a movie nearly 20 years old? We as a society need to set decorum for proper spoiler time. When Ash died I truly felt Pikachu’s pain.

   The movie was successful at indoctrinated my child with the love of pocket monsters, and mine was reestablished.



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San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and I can honestly say it was the best one I have attended. This was the fourth consecutive year I have attended. Managed to get everything on my wish list and visit most of the panels also.

Steven Universe was my favorite panel. It was a musical, all of the songs from the episode entitled Mr. Greg were performed. The panel was moderated by Ian Jones-Quartey. All of the gems voice actors were in attendance and of course Steven himself Zach Callison.  Rebecca Sugar, creator, and the composers of the show were there as well. In between songs they spoke about creative processes and inspirations for particular sounds for individual characters. Rebecca was brought to tears to see the love and admiration people had for her creation.Estelle gave an amazing performance of the song Stronger than you to close the show. The crowd went wild. The Q&A segment of the panel had insightful and zany questions from fans. Prior to attending the panel I was lucky enough to win the raffle for autographs from everyone at the panel. My wife and I had poster and a Garnet Pop! figure signed.

We also attended the Nickelodeon All That Reunion. Nostalgia bomb of huge proportions! Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, Lori Beth Denberg and Kel Mitchell were in attendance. The best part of the panel was Kel telling the origin story of the good burger skit. Which was him finding a Milli Vanilli wig and doing an early 90s Keanu Reeves impression.

We made it into the illustrious Hall H for the first time. It was everything I had hoped for. The air was crisper and I could hardly smell the usual body odor synonymous with nerd conventions . There really needs to be an official antiperspirant for this convention. Anyway I digress. I was witness to the Cumberpatch in person. He was rambling about his tv show Sherlock. While I am a fan of the show there wasn’t much showmanship. I spent most of the time watching Finding Nemo with my 2 year old son. After what seemed to be a fortnight later the Supernatural panel started. This cast really knows how to con. Jared, Jensen and the rest of the cast did backflips from back stage until they reached their respective seats. This show has been on for 12 years and it shows, I actually mean that in the best way possible. The comradery amongst this group is electric and they are hilarious to watch. The trailer for season 12 was exciting and left the crowd with roars and cheers.

Next year’s Comic Con dates have already been announced and I’m already crossing the days off my calendar.